Saturday, July 11, 2009

Concerning UFO sightings... and other mindless ramblings

So this post will be brief but I figured this particular story to merit it's own space lest it be lost among the randomness and typos of my usual updates.

I'm currently in Roswell, New Mexico, enjoying our past couple of days before we ride through Texas. Roswell, as many of you undoubtably know, is the site of the infamous "alien landings" of the 1940's. The news reports (and most of the more reasonable locals) explan these "sitings" as a weather balloon gone astray that some overzealous farmer, who i like to imagine was most assuredly blasted out of his mind on some mixture of jet fuel, pcp, and moonshine, found and claimed was a spacecraft. Not only that, he also claims to have seen two creatures lingering next to this unidentified craft (hence my previous assumption). Like all good conspiracy theorists this humble farmer calls the police to show them his findings only to have two unmarked black vans show up with a bunch of government types arrive to take the ...errr spaceship for further testing. Naturaly when joe farmer comes off his chemical high, he runs to the local watering hole to tell his bizarre story by the details have become less clear and inthe absence f whtnesses he is taken as a kook and returns to his solitary life, and writes a book about the whole ordeal.

Well, the story certainly sounds sad but I kid you not, many of the upstanding citizens of Roswell still believe this crazy old farmer. I met one such person today at friendship visit with the boys and girls club in Roswell. An older man probably in his late 70's wearing jorts suspenders and a plain white tee topped off by a red white and blue trcker hat with the slogan "no Obama nation!" emblazoned defiantly across the brim swear he has not only seen the evidence of such a cover up but that the liberal media has been suppressing the truth about aliens, per the orders of the federal government (which he adds is run by goddless liberals trying to undermine the values of our nation) and that there have been several similar alien sightings in Roswell since the original one, in spite of the fact that the majority of the more inteligent residents telling us otherwise.

Now I don't mean to pick sides as I am undecided. We get to go visit to Roswell UFO museum tomorrow and perhaps I can make a more informed decision then. On one hand I favor the farmer, oppressed by societal stigma, but on the other hand at what point tldo you cease to believe the powers to be?

I doubt you will find any meal value to my recent post, but hopefully you have been entertained andnperhaps have even started to ponder the significance of life and the possibiltiy that we perhaps are not alone...

ie. Ifnyountook this post seriously put down the can of jetfuel and get help


Ryan said...

It's not just a museum, it is a museum / research center!

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