Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5

So I must begin by apologizing for not posting in so long, school and training seem to have gotten the best of me. I have finally started my journey of hope though and I must say thank you to my many sponsors who helped me raise $6500 to help people with disabilities.

Now for the fun part, I am writing this post from the gym floor of the Carson Middle School in Carson City, Nevada. In the past 5 days I have ridden over 300 miles of my 4000+ mile journey. Day one started wonderfully with an awe inspiring ride across the Golden Gate Bridge before heading northeast towards Napa, California. The ride for the day was 75 miles and I am proud to say that not only did I ride every single one of them, but also my paceline was in the first group in for the day averaging a stout pace of 15.5 mph over some very hilly terrain.

Day 2 we departed Napa and continued on to Sacramento. The ride was only 60 miles but the opening 28 miles were a steady climb up a 3-6% grade. My paceline for the day worked very hard and ended up not only making rack point by over 10 minutes we also managed to finish as the 3rd team to our arrival point. The guys in my group refused to quit and were rewarded with being able to take part in our arrival ride to the steps of the state Capitol building. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet the governator. The day was finished off by a wonderful friendship visit with People First of California, an organization run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities where they foster an environment where their clients can express their true artistic talents. Their band's cover of "let it be" nearly brought me to tears.

Day 3 we moved on to Jackson where I received my first flat tire of the trip. After a quick change I was back rolling and the remaining leg of our 65 mile trek passed without much drama. The folks at Ark of California and The Jackson Lions Club presented us with meals fit for kings which was nice given that our date with the sierra nevada mountains was right around the corner.

Day for was ominous, it's the day talked about by every pi alpha I have ever met. The infamous Kirkwood is a 60 mile climb straight up two mountain passes rising from a base elevation of 1200ft and rising to 8100 before dropping down about 700 and then rising to a final elevation of 8500 ft at Carson Pass. The small glimmer of hope is the remaining 20 miles is all downhill into the bustling metropolis of Markleeville, Californi, pop. 300. The Jackson Lions guys showed up to our campsite and feed us burgers and chili and we all fell fast asleep. My paceline finished the 80 mile day in 8hrs17mins so needless to say, we needed the rest.

Today was a brisk 40 miles downhill into Carson City and finally a much needed day off before north and south teams split and my team begins our weeklong sprint down Nevada into Arizona. Speeking of rest, I think I'm gonna grab some now.

-Till next time


Austin Bob said...

Oops ... I meant to post 'good job' on the ride over the mountains ... not the earlier post on findraising.

Richard said...

Attawaytogo Wes! You show those mountains who's boss!

Ryan said...

you are a hero! I hope you are taking pictures!